Earth’s Vertical Astronomical Rotation Movement. Natural Evolution and Climate Change

In the Universe and Nature, time does not exist nor is used as a point of reference; it is, instead, the chronological invention of humanity to rule its activity and permanence on earth.

Since the distances between bright and opaque space bodies cannot be measured, several important Physical theories (Relativity…) and principles associated to climatic alternations and changes due to Human activities are contradictory.

The above assumes that all kinds of life are dependent on Universal laws and all-embracing principles. Regarding Earth’s climate change and global warming, it is important to reconsider that this severe and recurring hydro-meteorological modification is caused by cosmic phenomena and natural processes originated by what would be considered the fourth universal movement the Earth’s Vertical Astronomical Rotation Movement (AGV by its abbreviation in Spanish

AGV 3a

 1.   The AGV is the Earth’s slowest and longest astronomical movement, so slow and so long that it is imperceptible to mankind. This movement is only evident in rocky, gaseous and plasmatic bodies suspended in space at the time their external crust changes when being affected by the AGV.

2.   On Earth, this ruling movement causes natural, geological and hydrological changes. It because of these vertical displacements that several innovations take place, especially evident in the weather and in the physical states of water. As reference, the AGV moves contrary to the Earth’s rotation and revolution movements.

3.   It is difficult to clearly define the time and space intervals of these movements, mainly because these cannot be calculated mathematically, but rather, only by observing evidence sustaining climatic, environmental and structural variations. To put it into perspective, AGV is similar to the Earth’s seasonal changes, but of much longer duration and stronger changes throughout.

 4.   To put into perspective, generally, one AGV degree equates to about 75000-90,000 years. Based on that, the Earth completes a vertical, click-wise turn every 25-33 million years. That means that presently, our planet is about to exist its Winter season and go intro its astronomical Spring; well represented by, higher air temperatures, sea levels and massive amounts of ice melting.

5.   If glacial periods have duration of approximately three million years, we can only conclude that these periods of inland ice flooding and reduced sea levels are present when the Earth’s position lies between 345° and 15° in respect to its vertical northern axis and between 165° and 195° southward. These are the astronomical wonders that determine the different phases, conditions, presence and attributes of life on Earth.

6.   In ancient geological eras, the formation of the crust along with its subsequent separation and continental drift resulted in adjustments and changes to the terrestrial geography. These modifications when combined with the vertical movement put the evolution of several life forms through severe climatic oscillations characterized with widespread and devastating periods of drought, torrential rains and winds (tornados and anti-tornados of tremendous dimensions) and prolonged floods of liquid and frozen water.

 This process outlines the disappearance of old forms of life on Earth, where the most important was the extinction and transformation of dinosaurs into current-days birds and reptiles. These developments did not originate in alterations associated with a comet colliding with Earth, but environmental changes caused by the AGV.

Thus, the actions or reactions caused by this vertical displacement result in shifting what’s today in the north part of Earth, which in the past was located east of the Equator, and before then, at the South Pole (opposite position), west to the Equator, and finally, in its original position (North Pole). Shifting movements are indefinite.

Due to its very slow speed, this movement is not perceptible to humans, whom has been on Earth less that a complete glacial period (2.5 million years). Hence the current and future climate changes due to human activity are mainly local to their area such as air pollution, excessive heat, greenhouse gases, and excessive consumption of energy and waste of natural resources (deterioration and reduction the availability of fresh water, deforestation, erosion, desertification to mention a few). But as stated, the main overall cause of global warming is the invisible and continue effect of the AGV.

AGV 5a

This astronomical approach is crucial to understanding that the high temperatures are caused by a process of self-perfection and balance. This axiom reaffirms that ancient and modern mankind appeared, evolved and developed during the last glaciations. It also means that if mankind, during this transitional period of evenly tempered and cold weather, lives on the earth surface, it will need to be prepared for developing future underground and underwater cities and/or look for and colonize new planets with similar geological and hydro-meteorological characteristics to those found on Earth.

The challenges and changes that mankind is facing are unique and require political, scientific, technological, economic and social coordination and cooperation from all countries, world institutes and organizations. Only then, we will wisely, intelligently and promptly be prepared to face the inevitable natural astronomical effects…

Time, which is irrelevant in nature and in Universe, to mankind is decisive. 

Manuel Frías Alcaraz

Frias Group // Energy Water TM// México Tercer Milenio

Mexico City May, 2008

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