CRYOENERGY (CE). Supreme Universal Energy

CryoEnergy    Innovating concept and precept which defines the dark and super-cold energy that wraps the Universe, occupies the immense interplanetary and intergalactic vacuum, and makes possible the life on the Earth, keeping at low temperature the crust and the lower part of the atmosphere.

According to this functions of the supremacy, control, regulation, and energetic-material integration, it would be the fifth physical main force action that governs, coordinates and interrelates the four inner basic universal forces: Gravitational, Electromagnetic, Nuclear – Strong, and Nuclear – Weak. This fact would allow the understanding of phenomena with cosmic transcendence, and of its evolution. Also it would be a competitive option, with many achievements and benefits for starting a new world development era.

CE 1a English

This high – dimension force which protects, establishes the equilibrium and the physical conditions of planetary and all sidereal systems would be an energetical shield, clear, dense and strongly frozen cover, which by its functions and characteristics would consolidate and diversify the Unified Field Theory.

This innovating concept and widened prospection of the composition and stellar function, would reorder conveniently the physical criteria and precepts accepted today, by starting that the energetic state governing in the Universe, is not the electromagnetic radiation (heat and light), and also, not the main inner forces. The true governing force action is the cryoenergy (CE), or CryoEnergy.

Therefore, in the dark and cold sidereal space, the energy or force action that makes feasible its existence, and keeps it in a permanent and non-repeatable status, would be the CE, both in its inner and outer regions. This energy, minimized because of the consideration of the heat energy, or thermoenergy, firmly establishes a “close cycle”, continuous and efficient, for the transformation, consideration and motion of every space body or element, non getting any loss or residual.

Its functions and advantages notably are the next ones:

•   The coldness (or cold) conserves and concentrates the matter and the energy. Contrarily, the heat consumes and disperses.

   The cold, being the railing energy in the enormous and obscure cosmic space, aroids that the Universe explodes or disintegrate; the heat transforms the matter and the energy, cooling and consuming them.

   The cold makes possible the life development. On the Earth, its presence in the upper part of the lithosphere, avoids the oceanic water reach the evaporation. In the lower layers of the atmosphere, it avoid too that the steam be condensed, form the clouds, and then fall upon the Earth surface as rains or storms.

   At very low temperatures, the matter and the energy get optimal electro-physical properties. The metal changes to be superconductors, because of the null opposition to the electric energy conduction. In the case of the thermal actions, the residual heat corresponds to losses in electric energy transmission (in motors, generations, etc.), higher fuel consumption, etc.

   If the correlation heat-cold is complied, the magnetic fields will be changed in extreme circumstances. In a superconducting metal (for example: silver, copper, aluminum, etc.) its matter electrons almost get immobilized, because of the strong cooling action, but the electric current electrons flow very freely, and don’t have any collisions. If this principle is extended to the magnetic fields created, probably the attraction and repulsion phenomena reach the neutralization. That is the magnetic fields and waves do not be under the forces of the magnetic phenomenon. Instead, the cosmic construction would make that the magnetic actions change to electric fields.

For that reason, the challenge is to look more along; more forward of the known and established considerations, in order to focus the imagination and the sensibility towards the reaching of a scientific era, based of the superior fifth fundamental energy (or force) action.

The Earth, having it the functions and characteristics of an enormous magnet (its metallic core, formed by iron and nickel in its inner part, is solid because of the excessive pressure, not caring the high (6 700°C) temperature and high densities; its outer part is liquid). That magnet actuated as an electric generator by the convection electrical currents associated to the rotational motion. This activity originates the terrestrial magnetic field. By the same action, the solid inner spherical part of the nucleus, that turns with a lower – speed than that of the outer liquid part of the nucleus, functions as a great and powerful electrical generator. This phenomenon increases the action of the magnetic fields which go out, and transforms the lithosphere in an enormous device that accumulates electrical energy.

All this internal phenomena with the solid, liquid and gaseous moving matter, with different densities and different electro-conductivities, lower the internal pressures and temperatures. All this actions avoid that the terrestrial globe explodes. For the elimination of this risk, in the crust exist fissures through which the liquid magma emerges, mixed with gases. This very ancient and persistent Vulcan process formed the terrestrial crust, and its continues creating the upper cover of the geosphere.

In the atmosphere, the remaining heat departs through the opening that cyclically becomes wider in the ozone layer -20 km to 40 km high-, located over the central area of the Antarctica, and in the lower zone of the stratosphere. The super-coldness of the crust, the surface and the air that high iced region (the estimation in under -90°C), which its combination, inducts the liquefaction and thinning process of the ozone layer. This action produces the exhaust of the residual natural heat, and that of the heat produced by the human activities. This thermal energy is recycled in the ionosphere, and returns to the lower atmospheric layers as CryoEnergy (CE).

These natural expulsions (volcanic and extracting ones), guarantee that the environment in the Biosphere be appropriate for the life, avoiding that the excessive endogenous heat could destroy the planet; also, it avoids that the climates over the Earth surface be too hot. On the contrary, in Antarctica its very low underground surface and air layer temperatures, restrain the hydrologic cycle, but this glacials contain the 90% of the non-salt water of the world, all of which proofs the power and governing action of the CE.

Consequently, the terrestrial crust, being characterized by the complexity of its solid structures (in the continents the are formed basically by sedimentary, metamorphic and plutonic rocks, and under the ocean, by basaltic rocks), its cooling and composition are essential for the conservation of the water as a liquid. It is obvious that the northerly continental displacement, and the enlargement oh the sea depths, that occur in the profound transition zone named astenosphere (located in the lower mantle limit, where the solid matter is in partial melting state, acts as lubricant), also contribute to the kinetic energy liberation. But as timer those actions originate severe and catastrophic earthquakes.

That conjunction of natural phenomena and interrelations, showed by the main inner cosmic forces –specially by the gravitational and electromagnetic interactions-, is a very useful resource for utilized, according other viewpoint and mentality, the abundant recyclable and endless electrical energy stored in the terrestrial crust. To obtain the feasibility of all this, the next facts are required:

   As the CE is the force or energy action that controls, regulates and governs the Universe, its presence at a scale considerably small, acts in the Earth for giving viability to the life.

   The Earth crust, which comprises the upper layer (continental-granitic), and the lower layer (oceanic-basaltic), which a mean thickness of 80 km, and its physiographic conditions (rigid, rocky and cold), avoids that the water in the hydrosphere (underground and surface) be evaporated by the high temperatures coming from the Earth interior.

   In the atmosphere the process is analogous. By the concentration in the first 6 km of the half-part of its mass, and with the normal temperatures which oscillate between -30°C and +50°C, this fact creates the condition for the life on the Earth. Therefore, in the troposphere is condensed the biggest volume of steam (the water vapor). After its cooling, it falls towards the surface as rain, snow, or electric charged hail. Of course, in the stratosphere exist extraordinary cloud formations.

   A mean temperature at sea level of 15°C, which go low until a minimum of -80°C, at an altitude of 80 km, and rise to 1200 °C in the exosphere, all of this propitiate an able environment for the condensation of the steam coming from the oceans, and from water masses in continents, so that the steam returns to the Earth surface. This action avoids that the hot gas continues its rising, and go out from the lower zone of the atmosphere.

In consequence, the physiographic of the solid and cold Earth crust, impedes the water evaporation in the hydrosphere (oceans, lakes, seas, rivers, sources, glacials, aquiferous, mantles) and hinders thermodynamic equilibrium on the first 80 km upwards of the atmosphere. Also it establishes the conditions for the preservation, development, and evolution of the life on the Earth. All of this verifies that the CE is the fundamental and sublime force or energy action in the Universe, nevertheless that the solar radiation in the Earth (heat and light) is the basic concepts of the prevailing life forms, and that the coldest environment (as the Antarctica) signifies the most unsheltering place.

CE 2a English

Based on the principles and precepts that involves the CE, it is imperative to estimate and analyze its enormous energetic potential for use it in the satisfaction or in the completing of a high percentage of the world energy consumption, and simultaneously to use the cryoenergy as a fuel with high energetic cryogenic power, clean and economic. All of this would make being savings of non renewable resources, and would contribute to distend the international relations affected by the control and shortage of the hydrocarbon resources.

As a consequence, the objective and central purpose is how to extract, to avail, and to transmit the electric energy stores in the Earth crust for urban, industrial and agricultural uses. This challenge requires to apply the concept and fundaments of the terrestrial inner forces, specially the electromagnetic interaction. Thus, the subsequent consideration of the CE would be:

   The inner parts of the terrestrial crust functions as a very big electrical capacitor, on which the plate near the surface has      negative charge, and the plate that is over the Mohorovicic discontinuity has positive charge. The terrestrial rotation and translation make that the lower plate impulses an electric charge with opposite sign to that of the upper plate, and by this action a surrounding electric currents is created.

   The change of the displacement of the solid terrestrial inner nucleus, and of the liquid outer one, constitutes an enormous and powerful electric generator, that conforms an electromagnetic structure with electric direct current lines having the sense of the Earth rotation (from west to east), and with magnetic lines oriented with base on the inclination axis (south-north- south).

   In the atmosphere the circumstance is similar. With an analogous air composition from the sea level until 90 km of height, it has excellent conditions for the electric conduction. The plates of this air capacitor are the terrestrial surface -negative charge-, and the lower zone of the ionosphere -positive charge-. By the Earth motions, atmospheric tides (as the sea ones) are produced. This phenomenon, which occurs also two times in the day, contributes to the atmospheric ionization.

   The ionosphere, where the temperature in its lower region is -80°C, and it rises to 1200 °C at an altitude of 640 km, when it is ionized by the solar radiation (electron rain, ultraviolet rays and X rays), functions as an electric battery and gaseous conductor of electricity. The zone between the 60 km and 115 km heights is the interval which presents the best characteristics for electric energy transmission, although the terrestrial crust offers better advantage because of its accessibility.

As a result, the CE would be the fundamental and central directivity for the avail, with intensity and massive action, of the energy stored in the Earth crust and atmosphere, using its electromagnetic advantages, which reduce or eliminate the energy losses inherent to the customary thermoenergetic processes, and their qualities of permanent abundance and usability.

If the CE is appraised and accepted as the fifth and supreme main interaction in the Universe, this would be a transcendental advancement for the study, analyze an avail some terrestrial and cosmic unknown phenomena. That action would widen the international programs of active cooperation, exploring, and colonization of the cosmic space, considering this perspective, it is convenient to evaluate the next questions and their answers:

1 Is it correct to consider the CE as the supreme and universal fundamental force or energy action?

Other vision and mentality for appreciating and accessing to modern concepts of energy and matter would eliminate the stigmas and negative adjectives which are usually applied to the coldness (that is, the cold physical state): obscurity, mystery, inanity, and death. Those modern concepts will allow the understanding of that, with out the above mentioned energetic state, there would not be life in the Earth. And the Universe would be in a permanent risk for its explosion. The presence of the CE results indispensable for the perfection, controlling, evolution of all know, and yet unknown in the Universe.

2 Are applicable the physical standing principles and orderings, or it would be necessary to update them?

Even through the main causes and effects are the same in the heat and the cold items (they actuated in opposite sense, and with different temperature, pressure, and volume ranges or intervals), new and modern physical precepts and criteria are required for to sustain and to confirm the functions and purposes of the CE. There upon, in this rising science and technology era, it is convenient to state in the more simple, practical, and direct form, the concepts of the Fifth Fundamental Force, in order to the non – complicated its understanding, acceptation and application, specially in the electric industry, and as a fuel. With conveniently oriented and defined investigation, it is possible to defeat challenges, and to solve the implicit problems, for not generating ambiguities and objections that will detain its development.

3 Would it exist interest, infrastructure and availability to research institutions?

Every innovation of change is a cause of imagination, creativity, dedication, will and effort. To underestimate or unqualify a priori proposals that do not appear from prestigious institutions, in addition to be little ethical and not very professional, it do not give opportunity for the act and collaborate in main questions and decisions for the progress and comfort of the humanity. The CE after the verification and appraisal of its advantages and benefits would restore the bases for starting of a new economic revolution and industrial conversion, putting out the use and consumption of fossil fuels. Also that action contributes to conciliate political, economical, and social desires and purposes.

4 Would it be possible to extract and avail the store and renewable energy that is in the lithosphere?

The common sense concepts which define the CE must be translated to practical applications for satisfying the energy needs. The world electrical industry would have priority, because of the rising demand and successive scarcity of the hydrocarbons. The electric currents in the Earth are of uniform and continuous type and flow according to the terrestrial rotation: from west to east. As the depth (or thickness) of the crust increases, the temperature go down, and the crust gets more electric conductivity. There action would define the underground sites or regions more able for the electric energy extraction. There also define the electromagnetic procedures to be employed. Consequently, it would be necessary to improve the geophysical researches, and develop electromechanical equipment and installations of high technology, in order to define the potential and intensive use of the Cold Energy.

5 The electro-conductivity in the Earth crust and atmosphere, would make feasible the transmission of electric energy?

Other useful and practical application for the avail the physical characteristics of the terrestrial CE, would be its ability for the conduction of electric energy at high voltage and to long distances. This would create important savings in energy, economy, materials and time. Also, it would avoid social encumbers, indemnifications and unconformities, which are inseparable problems in the common engineering works, due to the more effective terrestrial electro-conductivity. Furthermore, the cold state of the energy, which reduces the resistance to the electric flow and optimizes the electromagnetic fields, would allow to avail copious and distant rivers by the elimination of costly electric transmission systems. By this way, with imagination, decision, and the use of very modern equipment and installations, the expresses convenient possibility could be bright reality.

By the applying of that sui generis and promising integral progress revolution, the expressed planning must be supported by the right aggregation, acceptance, application, and spreading abroad, of the CE, the future energy which always will be present in the Earth. To fulfill the main proposals which support the CE, their essential concepts and precepts are synthesized as follows:

CE Universal. Supremacy and Control

By appreciating its fundamental principle and conception, as the existence of the Cosmos and any know life form, places it in a privileged site. This cold energy, that resides in a dense and super cold translucent vapor, which wraps the Universe, and fills the cosmic vacuum with its control and regulation function for the transformation and energetic – material change, warrants the universal existence and posterity by hindering the residual heat of the stars, reach the dissipation and be lost. The cold vapor, when it is cooled and condensed by the composition and action of the CE, is recycled in new celestial bodies. This may be considered as an immense terrestrial hydrologic cycle but universal energetic.

CE Terrestrial. Lithosphere and Atmosphere

With a uniform (of 80 km), between the crust limit and the lower part of the atmosphere, the cold energy avoids that big water volumes evaporate from the oceans, or escape from the atmosphere towards the sidereal space. In this terrestrial air region, the presence of the CE begins at a few kilometers of altitude. If the atmosphere was very cold near the terrestrial surface, the steam produced by the solar radiation heating would not ascend, would not exist the clouds, and not neither would be non-salt and energized water falling on the terrestrial surface. This essential variation, besides creating the conditions for the life, avoids that the water-vapor goes farther from the stratosphere, and the hydrologic cycle be performed with precision.

CE Electrical and Magnetic. Extraction and Transmission

The asynchronous speed of the solid inner part of the Earth nucleus, produce magnetic fields, which by interacting with the electric fields of the crust, originate powerful and everlasting electromagnetic forces, which cross over the atmospheric boundaries, and protect it against electro-magnetic particles coming from the Sun, and from the cosmic space. This property would facilitate an electric energy transmission with high-voltage direct current (preferably in the same sense as the terrestrial rotation), for actioning industrial electromechanical equipment and installations. Also, it would make possible the transportation and electric energy interchange between nations and continents, without the need of a conventional infrastructure, using profitably the underground and undersea parts of the crust, which operate as electric conduction systems.

If these basic statements are accomplished for the creation of a new energetic and industrial development in the world, the CE would acquire the terrestrial-universal supremacy which corresponds to it. In order to have a reference level with respect to the traditional thermodynamic processes, afterwards it presented a comparison of the cryoenergy, against the main characteristics of the thermal energy:

    Concept                              Cryoenergy                                        Thermoenergy
Status 1                         Universal predominance (71%)                    Internal actions (29%)
Temperature                Hundreds of degrees under zero                    Millions of degrees over zero
Function                      Energetic conservation and Control               Calorific action and Illumination
Efficiency                   No losses                                                         Residual heat and light
State                            Super cold and dark                                        Over hot and bright
Presence 2                   Space, Atmosphere and Crust                         Solar, Nuclear, Biomass…
Research                     Small development                                         High advancement
Energetic Index           Near to maximum                                          Between 20% to 60%
Environment Impact   From minimum to null                                   Pollution and overheating
Transformation            Closed cycle                                                  Water and energy consumption
Application 3               Similar to Thermoenergy                       Every use and present transformation
Extraction 4                 Absorption and conversion cells                   Radiation, combustion, hydraulic
Availability                 Diversified and renewable                             Hydrocarbons shortage        
Economy                    High profitability and participation                Speculation, dearth, hegemony

1 The cosmic energy distribution would be proportional to the surface occupied by water and land.

2 The CE is present in the Earth and in the entire Universe. The fossil fuels are in the sedimentary rocks.

3 The first applications of the CE would be in electric power generation and transmission, and the    cosmic space traveling.

4 The conversion process of CE in electrical energy, would be analogous to that existing in the photovoltaic cells, but instead of the capitation of solar radiation, the super cold energy would be absorbed by direct contact.

CE 3a English

The energetic potential that offers the CE convert it in a preferential research and development objective. The declination of the hydrocarbon reserves, and the control and speculation that exert the great petroleum consortiums for defining the energetic sale policies, propitiate a tense and uncertain international situation, which can originate very dangerous conflicts.

Without delay and sophisms, the organizations, institutions, and business and investment centers, being public or private ones, and with international or national character, must focus actions and programs for carrying the scientific, technological, and economic concepts towards a general purpose and finality, that guarantees to find, to establish, and to promote, the massive and extensive utilization of the Cryoenergy (CE).

To reckon with electric energy almost in any place of our planet, the Earth, in an economic and safe form, would restore an identity, a respect, and a full arrangement of the Humanity, with the Nature.

This impulse would allow to apply the CE, in a near future, to reach a new age of growth, and the substitution of the fossil fuels in the electric industry, in order to confront in a better form, the coming problems generated by progressive limitations in the use of petroleum and natural gas fuels. The Cryoelectric Power Stations (CCE by its abbreviation in Spanish) and the Energy Transmission without Conventional Infrastructure (TSIC by its abbreviation in Spanish) would be the first practical and productive applications of the CE. Furthermore, the cosmic space voyager and explorations would have a high advance as a consequence of to reckon with enough and abundant cryogenic fuel. This primary uses are not imaginary or unattainable, because the CE will convert them in a reality.

Therefore, in the vast and super cold sidereal space vacuum, the more obscure, mysterious and far be considered that region, the stars will be more near and bright for allow the exploration of their planets and satellites. The CE, which patiently waits for the Human Being, in order to reach its real place and value, in spite of that the half of his life elapse within its presence, and finish in the cold Earth crust, at last arrives the time for its reconnaissance, its upper dimension included in the construction of a new and modern world.

In the Earth, the unalterable coordination between the Cryoenergy and the Thermoenergy, originates an intermediate and balanced energetic resource, which by the concepts and foundations, it acquires a vital and determining function for conservation of the water in liquid state, and as breathable the air over its surface.

The Cryoenergy represent an opportune planning for innovation and research. Its concepts, though they seem opposite to those of the traditional energy, are simple and practical, as it is the cosmic Nature. If the energy is light and heat, or darkness and cold, its coordinated application would result in better forms of life. Achieve its conquest and integral application urge boldness, creativity and firm decision from the world government, societies, and organizations, for an entire rebuilding of the Humanity in the Universe.

By: Manuel Frías Alcaraz

Frias Group // Energy Water TM// México Tercer Milenio

Mexico City. September of 2005

© México Tercer Milenio. Documents, plans, programs, and all materials.


Nota: Como consecuencia de que Yo informé con suficiente antelación a diversas instituciones internacionales de ciencias e investigación de la supremacía de la CrioEnergía (CE) en el Universo, el Premio Nobel de Física 2011 se otorgó a científicos de EE.UU. y Alemania por sus aportaciones e investigaciones que constataron la presencia-existencia de la CE. En la comunidad cinetífica se conoce a la CE como la Energía Fría y Obscura…

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